Flat Stanley


Hi Guys …
I have started MY page with an explanation of who I am from my website www.flatstanley.com just in case you didn’t know my history. I have been traveling with Grandma Dee and Grandpa Wells since the fall of 2009, when they first invited me to go on a trip with them. That first trip was to Egypt, and I got to see Camels and Pyramids, as well as lots of fish in the Red Sea. We even took a boat on the Nile River all the way from Aswan (where there is a dam, so we couldn’t go farther) to Luxor where all the Kings – called Pharaohs – are buried. It was very exciting and I had a really good time. Of course I had to send reports to Aubrey and Bella, who sent me to Grandma Dee, but I did such a good job, that Grandma Dee and Grandpa Wells invited me to sail around the world with them during the winter of 2010. I guess I must have done a really good job with my Blog because all their grownup friends really liked it. Now, they do not go on a trip that requires a blog without me. Grandma Dee (GD as I call her) says she is never going to write another blog – she is just going to bring me along so I can to it. That’s fine with me!!! If she doesn’t send you notices of MY blog and you would like to get them, there are several ways to do it. #1 – go to the Contact Page and send her an e-mail, with your e-mail address in it. #2 – Become Grandma Dee Wescott’s friend on FaceBook. That’s MY page, but there were too many other Flat Stanley pages, so we are sharing this one. #3 – You can check this page on her website if you know (or you suspect) they are traveling, because this is MY space to share my adventures.

Love, Flat Stanley

ps … the Flat Stanley on my website doesn’t look like my picture here. This is how I came to Grandma Dee, so I like to think of this as the real ME!

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