Lautoka, Fiji

Hi Everybody … Today we are in Fiji.  GD and I have been here before to go diving, but we only went to Lautoka to get on a dive boat called the Nai’a (which means Dolphin).  Today we are going with our friends Susan and Norm, who eat dinner at out table and Uncle Dick and Auntie Jan to a deserted island.  We will be able to play in the water all day – snorkeling, diving, swimming and paddle boarding.  I am so excited.    We got off the ship and walked around the corner to the boat that will take us to our deserted island.  The island is called Savala.  Savala IslandGD asked the Shore Ex Department on the ship if there would be scuba diving available so she could bring her gear and her camera, but they said absolutely not.  She was sad, but said that Lautoka is not all that good for diving.  Well, the first thing they asked if we would like to do, when we got on the boat was scuba diving.  GD was very upset that the Shore Ex Department had not told her the truth!  The lady from the ship who came on the tour to help out wrote down all that GD said so she could tell the Shore Ex Department when we got back.  She had to write an awful lot of stuff down, because GD had a lot to say!  We were sitting in the bottom of the boat to keep GW out of the sun, but Norm and Susan were sitting there with us and that was fun!  Brenda and her friend Susan from Australia (who are both divers) were there too.  They were sad that they didn’t know about the diving, because they would have brought more money if they had known.  Well, GD and I did go diving and it was fun.

Dive Boat and CaptainWe stayed really shallow because the camera GD had with her can’t go deeper than 50’.  We saw lots of blue starfish, some little blue fishes and some little yellow fish that were really pretty.Blue Starfish 2Jellyfish 1Mushroom Coral 1There was lots of pretty coral too and something that looked like a marble (GD says it is algae) in the coral, which was very cool!  Finally, we had to come up and go find everyone for lunch. When we got off the big boat that brought us to Savala onto the little boat that would take us to the island, Susan slipped and messed up her achilles tendon so badly, she could hardly walk. Tour Boat and Shuttle It was such a bummer for her.  Anyway, GW kept her company on the island until the glass bottom boat showed up, then he left to go for a ride on it.  I think maybe he was hoping to see GD underwater!  Then Auntie Jan came and sat with her.  She saved us all seats for lunch and that was really nice.  There is a sort of building on the island, but all it has is a roof and the floor is sand.  This is where we ate lunch, bought drinks and they did the coconut demonstration.  Coconut Water Grated CoconutPreparing to Grate CoconutYou could sit in there if you wanted to be out of the sun.  It was really big!  We had a really yummy lunch, then Norm, Uncle Dick, Auntie Jan, GD and I all went for a long snorkel.  That was really fun too.  After we got back from that, GD and I went for a snorkel to see the sharks.  They have baby Black Tip Reef Sharks at one end of the island.  They are so little they could fit in the bath tub.  I told GD this, but she says we absolutely can NOT bring one back to the ship with us.  She says Captain Jonathan and Henk will be very unhappy with her if she lets me do something like that.  So that is that!  Finally, it is time to board the boat back to the ship.  Norm and Dick help Susan to the little boat that goes to the bigger boat from the beach.  Her leg and ankle still really hurt.  On the way back, they serve us sodas and cake!  That is my kind of cruise – and GD even let me have her piece of cake, but said I better behave and not get all crazy.  I am trying, believe me!  I want her to let me do that again.  When we get back to the dock, there is a van waiting to take Susan to the ship and when she got there, they had a wheelchair for her.  I am so happy they took really good care of her!  GD and Auntie Jan decided they needed to go shopping in the little tents by the ship.  GW, Uncle Dick and I decided we definitely did NOT need to go there, so we all went back to the ship.  It is fun going back to the ship with GW – he doesn’t make me take a shower right away AND he gets me chocolate ice cream.  It was a really fun day!Loads of Love …  Flat Stanley