American Samoa

Hi  Everybody … I know that this is coming to you a little out of order, but I begged GD to finish telling you about the adventures that I had, before we had to get off the ship in Australia.  Today, we are in Pago Pago (pronounced Pango Pango) in American Samoa.  It is actually a part of the USA – with an American Post Office (you can use regular stamps here) and they use real money. (Another discussion ensued over ‘real’ money.  I am trying to tell Stanley that the people of any country think THEIR money is real money, but at 7, he still thinks the only real money is the dollar.)  This is where my friend Gene, the Cruise Director is from.  He said his great grandfather’s picture is hanging in the museum, but we forgot to go and look at it until it was too late and the museum was closed. Museum I hope I can come back someday and see it.  We walked around all the stalls selling Samoan stuff – mostly clothes and jewelry which GW and I found boring.  My friend Diana, who could not come on this cruise sent GD an e-mail and asked her to get some fabric for her.  GD looked at fabrics and sarongs (long pieces of fabric that you wind around yourself – if you are a girl – like a dress) until I thought my eyes would fall out.Ship and Stalls In the end, she got a bunch – but that was after we got back from lunch.  First, we walked into town to see if there were any fabric stores there and thank goodness there were none.  There were busses that looked like the bus I ride in to school, but they were painted with pictures and each one had a name. The Bus 1 Bus Name I think I would like riding on a bus to school better if it had a name and pictures painted on the outside.  They have lots of churches in town and we also went past the fire department.  Fire TruckIt does not look like a Fire Station at home – just kind of like someone’s garage with a big sign on it.  The truck was cool, though!  They also have a McDonald’s in town, but GD AND GW said we could not eat lunch there – bummer! McDonalds - Am SamoaIt is supposed to look like home, but it really doesn’t.  Anyway, we could not find a place for lunch in town because GD said it had to either have a breeze or A/C. ChurchNothing had either, so we got into a taxi and asked him to take us to ‘the restaurant at the beach’.  My friends Chris and Sasha said they were going there and it sounded nice.  Well, GW thought the price sounded kind of expensive, so he bargained with the taxi driver to take us for less money and to wait for us there.  It was a long drive out to Tisa’s (the beach and restaurant) and GW was almost sorry that he asked the taxi driver to take us for less money – he says ALMOST!  Anyway, Tisa’s had a bar, a beach, kids, stuff to buy, dogs, cats and lunch. Tisa's 1 We had a choice of chicken (BBQ’d) for GW and me, Shrimp (BBQ’d) and Fresh Wahoo (a fish that GD says is like the Ono they have in Hawaii) for GD.  We had fries made out of Breadfruit, which were a little weird but really good and salad.  We all had drinks and sat in the breeze, looked at the beach and the ocean and I played with the owner’s dog.  Lunchtime FriendIt was a very nice lunch indeed.  On our way out to Tisa’s and on the way back, we passed Uncle Dick and Auntie Jan on their bicycles.  When GD saw them and knew how hot it was, she said that Auntie Jan was going to kill Uncle Dick!  I guess she came close, from what she said at dinner that night.  When we got back, the singers and dancers from American Samoa were starting to get together on the pier.  They were going to sing and dance for us as we left, so I went over to talk to them while GD was buying even more material for my friend Diana.  Dockside Male Performers Dockside Female PerformerFinally, it was time to get back on the ship, into the A/C and the shower.  I thought I would just go swimming in the ship’s swimming pool, but GD said that was disgusting if I didn’t take a shower first.  She said I mustn’t use the ship’s swimming pool as a bath tub.  I don’t know why not – they put stuff in it to kill the germs!  Loads of Love … Flat Stanley