Bora Bora

Hi Everyone …

Today is my last day in French Polynesia and I have to say, that I like it here a lot.  Today started out sunny and stayed that way all day long.  It is quite hot, but GD and I are going to stay in the water, so that will be really nice.  Today we go to wait by the theater for the group, but only Mark and Bill show up.  We leave anyway and it turns out that no one else will be coming today.  This time, when we get off the pier, my friend Barbara is waiting as usual, and as usual points out the Top Dive man.  However today, there is no boat waiting – only a van, which is going to drive us to the Dive Shop which is a short way down the road.  There is another man in the van, also from the MS Amsterdam, but he, like Mary, has booked the dive through the ship.  He has waited a long time for us because he was told that the departure time was earlier than we were told.  He is nice, though.  We get to the the dive ship which is at a resort, get the paperwork sorted out and bet on the dive boat.  Here we find Sasha and Chris who will be certified divers at the end of the day.

Sasha and Chris 1

Sasha is a dancer and Chris a singer with the ship’s show cast.  They are really young and very cool.  I forgot to tell you about them in Moorea, which is where we met them the first time.    Our first dive was supposed to to a place to see lots of sharks, but there were just two – one lemon shark and one black tip shark, both right under the boat.  We swam around for a while looking for more, but that was it.  We did see Christmas Tree Worms, a Checkerboard Wrasse, Fire Diart Fish, Oval Butterfly fish

Fire Dart Fish 2 Oval Butterfly Christmas Tree Worms Y Checkerboard Wrasse

and even got buzzed by a small tourist submarine!  That was very cool!!!


During the surface interval (the time between our dives) we sailed around and saw some hotels with over water bungalows.  That would be very cool to stay there – I could just jump out of bed and jump right into the water!

Over Water Bungalos

The second dive was in the lagoon and really, really cool.  This time we saw lots and lots of clams buried in the coral, Reticulated Butterfly Fish and Picasso Trigger Fish.

Reticulated Butterfly 2 Picasso Trigger 1 Clam 1

Right at the end, we saw the coolest thing ever!  He is called a Java Moray Eel and he is super huge.  GD says he is as big around as the top of her leg at least and about eight feet long.

Java Moray

We were so stoked that we got Max and showed him, then he went and got Mark and Bill to show them.  When our guide Freddie came and found us, he found another one for GD and she was in HEAVEN!  She said she has been waiting at least five years to see another one of these eels.  She says they are pretty rare in Hawaii, where she lives. When we got off the boat and walked by the swimming pool, we found my friends Gene and Jodie.  I was so happy to see them.  The swimming pool at this resort is really pretty and they looked so nice lying next to it, that GD just had to get a photo!

Pool at TopDive Resort Gene and Jodie 1

We went back to the ship for lunch, but it turns out that GW was in Viatape (the little town on Bora Bora) so we went back to town after lunch to meet him.  We walked around a little bit and saw City Hall, the police station and a cool little store with a dog on the counter in a basket.

Viatape City Hall Police Station Propriator 1

I think the dog was glad to see me so he would have someone to talk to.  I guess he understands only french, but strokes seem to be good in any language.  Finally it was time, and we were really hot and GD had finished shopping AT LAST, so we went back to the ship.  Tonight my other friends Val and Yuri also from Black Tie are coming for dinner, so it will be another really fun night!

Loads of Love … Flat Stanley