Hi Everyone …

Well … GD was right – she always is!  I did not get up at four o’clock this morning to watch us sail over to Moorea (MŌ-ray-uh).  By the time I woke up, we were already there and sailing into the inlet which is really pretty.

Amsterdam in Moorea

It is overcast this morning and I am hoping that the sun will come out later.  This morning, we are meeting everybody in front of the ship’s theater where they give out tickets to get on the tender, which will take us to shore.  GD and I don’t need one because we are Five Star Mariners and that is one of the privileges of being one.  You can just get on a tender any time you like.  Our friends Bill and Ken are Four Star Mariners and they can also get on the tenders any time they like.  We have to wait to do that until every one is there.



Finally we are all together and we go to shore on the tender.  When we get to shore, there is my friend Barbara, showing us where the guy from Top Dive is.  Here, also, they have a boat waiting for us, but not to go to the dive shop.  This is our actual dive boat!  When we get on the boat, there is Mary and also my friend Kristina from the gym.  Kristina is getting her Nitrox certification.  When I am older, I will get one of those too!  Top Dive lets you have Nitrox for free is you are certified.  Now the sun is out so I am happy.  It is much nicer underwater if the sun is shining!  On our dives today we see a Blue Box Fish – a little different from the ones GD sees in Hawaii, an Orange Striped Surgeon Fish, a Lemon Peel Angelfish with blue around it’s eyes, a strange looking fish with black and white on the back part and a green head …

x Wrasse 1 x Box Fish Orange Striped Surgeon Fish 3 Lemon Peel Angelfish 2

and my favorite of all, some Anemone Fish.

Anemone Fish 3

During the wait between our dives, we see kids learning to sail on kid size sailboats.  GD lets me go for a ride on one of them with the kids.  I can’t speak French, so it is hard to talk to them, but yelling when the boat tips or goes fast is the same in any language!

Pirates jur

  Finally, it is time to go back to the pier.  GD leaves our stuff with the guys at the tender and we go to find lunch.  There is a place selling grilled chicken on a barbecue and french fries.  Sounds good to us and it seems it smelled really good to lots of the dogs in Moorea!  We sat on a bench to eat and this dog came over, sat at our feed and just looked sad, so we shared our chicken  with the dog.  GD said it made her think of her friends Mike, Nikki and their dog Scout.  GD brings chicken for Scout when she dives with Mike and Nikki.  Finally it is time for GD to STOP SHOPPING and go back to the ship,  My friends Con and Sue from the group Black Tie are coming for dinner tonight and I can hardly wait!  But … when we get back to the tender, our dive stuff isn’t there.  The men at the tender say they sent it back to the ship.  Now we have to go back and find it!  When we get to the ship, it looks as if no one knows anything about a black dive bag on a trolley (wheels), but then one man says he knows and tells the security officer where it is.  Now comes the really fun part … we get to walk all through the area of the ship where no one is allowed to go if you are a passenger.  We walk all the way to the back to the ship and there, at the rear tender dock is our bag.  We thank the officer a lot, take our bag and go to our cabin.  Next stop … dinner!

Lots of Love … Flat Stanley