Pitcairn Island


Hi Everybody …Today we were at Pitcairn Island.

Pitcarin Island P 2

GD says when I get older, I will read a book called Mutiny on the Bounty about some guys who take over a ship (the Bounty) with a mutiny.  She says that a mutiny is when everyone on the ship wants something different than the captain, so they get rid of him.  The captain’s name was Captain Bligh and the whole crew of his ship, the Bounty, put him in a lifeboat, then sailed away and left him.  Their lifeboats aren’t like the ones on the Amsterdam – our ship.  We have covered lifeboats supplied with food and water and an engine.  Captain Bligh’s lifeboat was much more like a rowboat and I don’t think they gave him much to eat or drink!  He did eventually get back to land where there were people, but the man who took over the ship, Mr Christian, took the Bounty and found Pitcairn Island.  It was the named after the sailor who saw it first, which I think is cool.  Then everyone on the ship moved onto the island which was so far away, they figured the British Navy would never find them and punish them for what they did.  Today, most of the people on the island have the last name Christian – like the Mr Christian who sailed off in the Bounty.  So now we are at an island settled by almost pirates and so almost everyone is related to a pirate.  I thought that was pretty exciting and one of the pirates even came onboard the Amsterdam with all his relatives.

Pirate and Wife

The main town on the island – that really doesn’t look like a town at all – is called Adamstown.

Adamstown 1

  I guess it is named for someone named Adam.  The people from Pitcairn Island, who came onto the Amsterdam, sold t-shirts, wood carvings and honey.

HoneyPitcairn Shopping 2Jackie Christian and Family

There was even a 12 year old kid that had his own table of magnets and other carved stuff he made.  GD bought one for me, so we had our picture taken together.

Brad Christian - Carver


Finally, it was time for the people to go back to Pitcairn Island.  They had a very big grocery order and it took quite a while to load it into what GD called a Long Boat.  This is a super huge row boat with lots of rooming the bottom.  One man got in each space and put the stuff away as they handed it to him.

Getting Ready to Load 2

When the bottom was comptely filled, they laid big boards over the top, loaded some more stuff on top and then all the people got on board and sat either on the edge of the boat or on one of the big boards.  The boat was very, very full when they pulled away from the Amsterdam.

Longboat B 2

We all waved and yelled at each other to say good-bye!  When they get back, they will park the boat at the bottom of a big hill to unload it.  Jacquie Christian, who came to tell us all about Pitcairn (in the red t-shirt) said they have ATV’s and carts to pull everything up the hill to the town.  They even have huge freezers to store all the stuff that needs to be kept fresh.  They usually only get groceries every three to four months when the supply ship comes to the island.  The picture shows where they unload the boat at the bottom of the hill, but we were so far away, you can’t see the ATV’s and the carts.

Landing and Boathouse

Now we are sailing off to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, which are islands in French Polynesia.  This is going to be super cool because GD and I are going scuba diving with our new friends.  I can’t wait!  I will write more after I get there.

Loads of Love …Flat Stanley