Callao (Lima)

Hi Everybody…

I just spent the last two and a half days in Lima, Peru.  GD and GW get a hotel room when the ship stops overnight, so they can get caught up on their internet stuff.  We left the ship in the morning and took a taxi to the hotel on the first day.  It is a really nice hotel (La Hacienda Hotel and Casino),

Hotel La Hacienda Reception - Upper Lobby

very pretty and the people are all very nice. Our room is on the top flood and has a jacuzzi in the bathroom and a window in the ceiling.

Bathroom 2

We have a bedroom and a living room too and two televisions.  We can even see the ocean from our rooms.  The first thing we did was to go to the really cool shopping center down the street called Larco Mar, for lunch at Cafe Cafe.

Larco Mar Shopping Center Inside Yucca Balls

GD had some weird stuff and something called Yucca Balls, made with yucca (which is a kind of cactus) and they have melted cheese in the middle.  They were really yummy, so between my hamburger (GW and I both had hamburgers, and GD just rolled her eyes, since we are in Peru) and the yucca balls, I was so stuffed I could hardly move.  Then we got in a taxi and went to the Gold Museum with my friends, Dick, Jan and Helen.  It was a very long taxi ride and our taxi driver didn’t even hit any cars.  It seemed as if he was going to many times!  The Gold Museum is in a building that looks like a fort.

Gold MuseumDick and Wells

They have guns and everything – and they have LOTS of gold stuff.  To see the gold, you have to walk downstairs and go through safe (like a safe in the bank) doors.  All the gold is really old and it is made into jewelry, cups, armor (stuff you wear on your body to protect you) and they even had some gold things to protect your penis.  They didn’t have anything for the girls to wear, though.  After we looked at the gold for a while – oh, and they had some mummies (Dead people, all dried out) too – we went back upstairs.  My friend Dick, GW and I went to see the military museum on the first floor.  It was pretty cool with lots of guns and uniforms.  GD and my friend Jan went shopping … isn’t that a surprise?  After we came out, we men sat on a bench where there was a breeze and waited for the ladies to finish shopping and for the snacks to be served.  The snack was juice, and empanada (yummy) and a cookie.  It was all delicious!  Then we took another exciting taxi ride back to the hotel with our same taxi  driver who came to pick us up.  That night we had dinner at the hotel and it was really good.  After dinner GD and GW went to check out the casino, but I had to stay in the room and watch TV, because I am a little kid and little kids can’t go in casinos.

 Av Jose Larco at Night

The second day, GD stayed in the hotel room all morning working on computer stuff that needed internet.  GW and I went and walked around the neighborhood and then we walked down to the shopping center.  Finally, it was time to go back and get GD for lunch. We went back to the same shopping center, but to the restaurant next door to yesterday’s restaurant (called Mango’s).  This one had a big patio, not just a little balcony that looked out over the ocean.  GD had Yucca Balls again (yummy) and then she had raw fish (Cerviche) which SHE said was yummy and I thought it was disgusting!


GW and I had steak.  At least HE knows what to eat!  After lunch we packed up and took the shuttle bus back to the ship.  On the way back to the hotel, we passed a shop called Cuy Arts and Crafts.  It had a funny looking animal on the sign that GD says is a Guinea Pig.  She says they even eat Guinea Pigs here!  That is just gross … blek!  Ew!!!!

 Cuy Arts and Crafts

When we got back to the ship, we gave our passports back and told all our friends we were back.  Then GD called my friend Jan to decide when we would meet to go to dinner.  My brand new friends Graffiti Classics (Cathal, Emma, Danny and Krisztina) all came too.  GD, GW, Jan, Dick and I all took the shuttle into Lima, with my friend Frank, the comedian, and got a taxi to La Rosa Nautica (the restaurant out over the ocean).

La Rosa Nautica 1

When we got there, the other four friends were waiting.  When we went to our table, GD and Emma decided that it was too big, so they helped the waiter make it a little smaller so we could all talk to each other.  It was a wild, crazy, fun dinner and I am going to miss my new friends when we leave Peru.  They are going to sail away with Captain Tim on the Prinsendam, which is docked right next to us. When we finally got back to the ship, it was really late and I slept all the way back in the shuttle bus.


The third day GD just had to go to the Peruvian Market which was setup on the dock.  There were lots of people from both ships there, mostly using the  internet, which they said worked way better than the ship’s internet.


There were 2 big rows of chairs down the middle of the market and they were always full.  GD, GW and I walked in and out of all the stores and looked at everything.  GD bought some jewelry and some shoes, GW bought a belt and GD bought me a t-shirt and a cup with her leftover Peruvian money.  My t-shirt has llamas all over it and it is red.  Then we had to get back on the Amsterdam because it was getting close the time to sail.  My friend Gene, the cruise director, had a big party out on the back deck while we sailed.  Captain Tim came out on the Prinsendam’s bridge and waved to us while we sailed away. I also got to watch a crane that was on a boat, take rock from a pile on the shore and put it in the boat.  I really liked that.

 Prinsendam 5

Our next stop is Easter Island.  I hope it will be easier to get off the ship than it was last time.  My friend Captain Jonathan said he hopes so too.  Anyway, I will write more from there and let you know.


Loads of Love,


Flat Stanley

Lima Street Mural P