Puerto Limon

Hi Everyone ….

Today we were in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is a country in Central America and Puerto Limon is mostly just a port where ships dock.  We got off about ten o’clock, but first we had to stop and watch the men painting the windows of the ship.

Painting the Windows of the Ship

Then we went to try and find a BluRay player for GW.  We found one, but later when we brought it back to the ship, we found out that the TV in our room is so old, that you can’t hook a BluRay player up to it. (GD – it actually has NO HDMI slot!)  So first we walked around a bunch looking at stuff, like the pet shop

Pet Store

and a bunch of shops that sold TV’s and stuff.  Then we went to look at the cathedral – which is  modern so it’s kind of cool looking, but thankfully GD was OK with just looking at it from the outside!  Then we went back to the ship to see if the BluRay player would work (of course it didn’t).  GW had been looking forward to lunch starting about 10:30, so we set out again, first to return the BluRay player and then to eat lunch.  The man we bought the BluRay player from was not very happy that we were bringing it back, but GD just stood in the middle of the store and kept saying over and over again that it would not work with our TV and we needed to give it back.

BluRay Store

She had to say that a lot and I was wondering how long it would take the man to figure out that she really wasn’t kidding.  In the end, he did take the BluRay player and give GW his money back!  We went to lunch at the Park Hotel, which doesn’t sound so fun, but it was pretty nice.  We sat at a table where we could watch the ocean.  GW and I had steak with mushrooms on it and French Fries, but GD had Octopus cooked in Garlic.  She said it was really good, but I think GW and I had a better lunch!  We did have to eat her green beans, though – she HATES those!  After lunch we walked back through town and there is a street with no cars  that is pained all different colors.  There was also a Christmas Tree next to the park that was still all decorated.

Christmas Tree

The park had a playground, so while GD shopped – Oh BIG surprise!) GW took me to play there.  He is such a good guy!

Playground 1

We couldn’t find any gelatto, but there was a plastic tub full of little turtles right in the middle of the street.  The sign said you could not touch them, but it did not say that I couldn’t watch them!

Baby Turtles 3

We will get gelatto soon, i just know it.


Tomorrow we are going to sail through the Panama Canal.  There are going to be some guides from the Panama Canal who will be on the ship with us to tell us all the stuff we are looking at.  I had been through the Panama Canal before and I think it is really fun.  You can go out on the deck of the ship and there is something to look at all the time.  When we go through the locks (that is like a big swimming pool that the ship floats in while it is raised or lowered to the next level of the canal) we are pulled by a train engine that is called a Mule.  I really like the mules – I wave to the drivers and they wave back.  Anyway, that is tomorrow, so I will say good-bye for today.


Lots of Love,


Flat Stanley