World Cruising in 2014

Hi Everyone – Flat Stanley here!


I just wanted to let you know that GD (that would be Grandma Dee) and GW (that would be Grandpa Wells) are going on another cruise and they are taking me along.  I am so excited.  GD has been very, very busy this year, but I finally got her to sit down long enough to write to all of you and let you know that a new set of world-wide adventures are on their way.  She plans to post the adventures on her website because she can put pictures of me in cool places with the stories, so probably you will just get an e-mail with a link to click on.  If you are following me on FaceBook, my posts will have the link in them.  The suitcases left over a week ago and after checking the FedEx website, GD knows that all her suitcases and mine are in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida waiting to get on the ship.  GW just said that if her suitcases are there, he is sure his are too.  I hope so.  While we are in Ft Lauderdale, we are going to see lots of old friends and that will be fun.  We will be having dinner every night with friends or family – then she and I are going to have lunch with one friend and coffee with another.  I can hardly wait.  We are staying at a hotel where you can see the ships at the cruise terminal (I am getting to use such big words now – I have been to a cruise terminal, so I know what it is!) from the top floor.  Every morning GD and I go and check to see if we can see them.



Our trip starts on Monday, when the three of us fly to Phoenix.  We will spend the night there and fly from Phoenix to Ft Lauderdale where the ship, the MS Amsterdam, will pick us up on Friday.  GD and GW decided to do this because there is not enough time to change planes when we fly to Phoenix from California on the same day.  I thought it was fun to spend the whole day in Phoenix airport last year and ride around on the carts. stand on the moving sidewalks  and eat lunch in the restaurants, but I guess GD and GW did not think it was fun because we are not going to do that again.  At least, they say they hope we will not do that again.


OK – now you know that I am going to be traveling again and writing about it.  I am so glad you are going to be following along.


Happy New Year (yes, we are flying on New Year’s Eve) …


Love, Flat Stanley