Dee’s Bio

Dee-12-12-Square300Dee was born in Washington, DC and at the age of 5, took an immediate dislike to the area. Growing up, she spent her summers near her maternal grandparents in Wilton, Connecticut, next door to her cousins. Summers were good times in a country based setting, swimming and riding horseback… also New England was not as hot as Washington DC. At that age, given horses, Dee would have lived almost anywhere! Dee attended Holton-Arms School in Washington, DC during the winter months, and never felt that she fit in very well, but it is just not easy to convince your parents to move because you don’t like school (trust me, I tried). Washington DC should have been a place that afforded many opportunities – social, educational and artistical, but that was the time of Martin Luther King and the racial demonstrations around town, so being free to explore those opportunities was not in Dee’s cards. After high school, Dee headed west to the University of California at Riverside, where she DID fit in – and loved it. She ended up majoring in Music (BA Mus) and working at the local stables with both horses and students. Upon graduating, she married fellow UCR student Larry Bitonti. They eventually moved to Palm Springs, California and had two children – Anne Marie Bitonti and David Anthony Bitonti. She still spends part of the year in the same Palm Springs house that she moved into in 1968. As the years passed, she and Larry Bitonti divorced and she married Wells Wescott. That was in 1981 and they are still happily married today. In 1990, Dee discovered Scuba Diving and in 1993, Wells put a camera in her hands, saying ‘Don’t tell me, Show me!” She has been sharing the world of ocean bottoms and reefs ever since. The photos are getting better as the equipment improves and the knowledge base grows. Check it out under the Galleries tab. In the fall of 2009, a couple of Dee’s granddaughters asked for Flat Stanley to come and visit. As it turns out, Grandma Dee (as she is known to Flat Stanley) was going on a dive trip to Egypt with Grandpa Wells and Flat Stanley was invited to come along. He was such fun, that now he travels with Dee and Wells on all their big trips and writes their blog. He’s seven, so his observations are unique. Check out Flat Stanley’s Adventures under the Flat Stanley tab. If you are not currently receiving notifications of Flat Stanley’s Blog and would like to, please go to the Contact Me page and send Dee an e-mail. Flat Stanley is always flattered when people want to read his stories. Otherwise, you can go to his tab if you know Dee is traveling and look. She insisted that Flat Stanley have his own corner of her website.